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Perhaps you are not able to experience the exhibition, or maybe you want to revisit it later... In any case, you can view the catalogue, some images and details here:



Feature in THE EAST magazine

While I was in Canada, in the final days of 2014, I spoke to the writers at THE EAST. They even talked me into a photo-shoot, if you can imagine.

Follow the link below for the full article.


Working Title

I am very pleased to be included in this exhibition of contemporary artists from the Maritime provinces in Eastern Canada.  Curated by Christiana Myers, Working Title explores the complex relationship between  artists and the industry-driven East Coast of Canada.  

images to follow. 





Calling all night owls! The Revaluables (Let Me Count the Ways...) is going to Nuit Blanche next month!


Fall is in the air, and Toronto`s overnight art extravaganza, Nuit Blanche, is just around the corner.  This year I was lucky enough to be invited to exhibit The Revaluables (Let Me Count the Ways...) in The Gladstone Hotel`s exhibition, Fly By Night.


The Revaluables, which is a project reliant on viewer participation, has evolved since its first installation at the Dooryard Arts Festival in 2012. It began as a collection of once discarded, mementos displayed on a gallery wall--each available for the taking, providing the trader leave something of equal value in its place.  Through this process, the project has shifted to include everything from a songwriter`s new lyrics, artwork, family secrets, and an original LEGO man. These items, along with the remaining original pieces and some brand new bits will be available for trades, so please bring a trinket and come by for a trade. 

Nuit Blanche is an overnight arts extravaganza that takes over Toronto on October 5th, 2013.  I hope if you`ll stop by and see me at the Gladstone Hotel for Fly by Night--- I am in great company with the likes of, Analog Analogue, JoAnn Purcell, and Grace Eunmi Lee, among many others! O my soul, this is exciting!!





The Revaluables: a recap

Sending enormous thanks to all who participated in The Revaluables ( Let Me Count the Ways...). I am thrilled with the outcome! Of the 64 pieces I readied for the installation, well over half were revalued & exchanged for other treasures.  Among the treasures I received, adding value to the mementos, were poems, recipes, artwork, lego, flowers, books and foreign money--to name only a few.

Please see the recently created The Revaluables (Let Me Count the Ways...) gallery for insallation views and details of its contents.

What will happen with these items next remains to be seen, but I promise to keep you posted!