Artists in the Woods.

From 1st November to the 15th December, 2015, I lived in what could be described as a wintery camp for artists who have 'fibbing' tendencies.

Banff Centre for the Arts 2015 fall thematic residency, TRUTH LIES AND LORE.


I remember driving at dusk (in the airport shuttle) from Calgary--flat and homogeneous, with grid upon grid of cubic dwellings, directly into the Rocky Mountain range. With almost no warning or graduation the mountains appeared, looking majestic and refreshingly disheveled in comparison with suburbia's well-practised order. It was dark by the time I reached Banff and, truth be told, I fell asleep en route, missing the final portion of the journey.


Below are some fieldnotesfrom my time in the mountains.

Also featured in some images are artists:

Emma Finn, Meghan Price, Gabby Dao, Marijolijn Kok, Carolina Fusilier, Emma Rochester, Anna Khimasia, Jennifer Crane, Ilyn Wong, Emily Promise Allison, Heilum Ng, Angharad Davies.

PHOTOS: Amy Ash & Emma Finn.