Without Words, What are Facts? (exhibition view)

Exhibition View:

Without Words, What are Facts?

This exhibition combines pieces from several recent bodies of work.  Each project uses found imagery and histories from multiple sources, connecting the fragments to string together new associations.

My practice pays close attention to the way layers of memory settle to form new narratives, impacting our perceptions of reality. I aim to disrupt existing structures and hierarchies, tracing their relation to the construction and perpetuation of personal and cultural narratives and lore. Stripped mostly of their context, these fragments of history and technology continue to echo their stories alongside those we assign to them to affect our own sense of truth. Tapping into (and confusing) the collective memory, I alter my findings through careful actions of material intervention, gently persuading connections to be made.

The exhibition’s title, Without words, what are facts? makes reference to Susan Howe’s poetic docu-essay Sorting Facts, or Nineteen Ways of Looking at Marker.

In an age of digital saturation, I choose to work primarily with found images and analogue photography materials.  The works included in this exhibition (with the exception of With Every Remembering) are all unique images made without digital intervention. A combination of silver gelatin enlargements and cyanotypes, each photographic image was produced in the darkroom, from found negatives, and materially altered by hand. Much of this work was created on residency at The Banff Centre for the Arts, with the support of The Peter MacKendrick Endowment Fund for Visual Artists.