As the project's next guest artist, I'm delighted to be able to invite you to WAVE 3 of the BATHROOM RESIDENCY. Please join me as I present my contribution, with objects of misunderstood value and their stories, to the project this Friday 17th November, 7-9pm, 8 Galveston Rd, Putney, London, SW15 2SA. This is a social event, friends are welcome!

The BATHROOM RESIDENCY is a project organised and curated by Alice McCabe

Please RSVP via e-mail amyash (dot) art (at) gmail (dot) com

See full project desciption below.




to represent concretely; present as an object. 

Also: objectivate
obˌjectification n

The bathroom is a space which signals personal privacy, hygiene and also presentation. It is within our cultural narrative to view the bathroom as a place where we can shamelessly observe ourselves and prepare the face we will show the world.

This bathroom residency project proposes to borrow the language of museum curatorship, using the display of objects as a pedagogical tool for the sharing and layering of personal experience.

In the bathroom there will be a collection of objects unconventionally labelled with single words, unlikely descriptions or phrases intended to prompt the imag- ination or memory of the viewer. Viewers enjoy a moment of solitude in the pri- vate space of the bathroom to examine the exhibit in detail. Each viewer is invit- ed to respond to a portion of exhibit by communicating directly to any object; in turn the object will remember up to 20 seconds of aural information and keep it, verbatim, to pass on to the next visitor.

One after the other, viewers will be invited into the bathroom for their own mo- ment of solitude and discovery, as they listen to what the curious objects in the exhibit have to say.

Throughout the duration the museum docent will be situated in a corner of the bathroom. They will welcome viewers to the exhibition and then go about their duties with earplugs.

This event will be recorded aurally in its entirety, though no video will be taken, maintaining the anonymity of those who share their experiences with the objects.